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Konkuk University Hospital (Seoul/Chungju)

Hospital of New Concept of Treatment-Research-Education

The Konkuk University Hospital, founded in September 2005, is a cutting-edge hospital, whose mammoth facilities include 870 beds on four underground levels and 13 stories with a total area of over 20 acres.

The medical staff can be provided with real-time information about patients, enabling the staff to treat them through the Internet from any location. In addition, the hospital has minimized the cost and time for patients by operating an exclusive short-term ward where admission and discharge processes are possible, for the first time in Korea, 24 hours a day.

The Konkuk University Hospital is a hospital based on the new concept of providing to patients all diagnoses and treatments at one time. This lofty goal is accomplished by effectively harmonizing treatment, research, and education and making these aspects inclusively available at the treatment center. Notably, the KU Hospital has built the best medical staff in the country in the heart surgery field as well as in the cancer treatment field for five common types of cancer.

Konkuk University Hospital(Seoul)

  • TEL : 82-2-450-5100

Konkuk University Hospital(Chungju)

  • TEL : 82-43-840-3015