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박민규 교수
) 과학기술대학 ICT융합공학부 컴퓨터공학과
상허연구동 105호
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서울대학교  공학박사

bullet  상세경력

건국대학교 컴퓨터공학과 교수 (2006.9 ~ 현재)
성균관대학교 정보통신공학부 연구교수 (2006)
한국산업기술대학교 겸임교수(2004 ~ 2005)
지맨텍(2000 ~ 2002)

bullet  주요논문

2015.02 A dual speed scheme for dynamic voltage scaling on real-time multiprocessor systems
2014.11 Open Source Software Detection using Function-level Static Software Birthmark
2014.09 On the Security of a Simple Three-Party Key Exchange Protocol without Server's Public Keys
2014.09 An efficient digital contents encryption scheme for mobile devices using open pad of bit-stream blocks
2014.08 A New Detection Scheme of Software Copyright Infringement using Software Birthmark on Windows Systems
2013.11 Detection and prevention of LeNa Malware on Android
2013.09 A Novel Controlled Bound Prefix Expansion for Prefix Caching in High-Speed IP Lookup
2013.08 Preventing execution of unauthorized applications using dynamic loading and integrity check on android smartphones
2012.10 An Efficient Prefix Caching Scheme with Bounded Prefix Expansion for High-Speed IP Lookup
2012.09 Scalable Group Key Exchange for Securing Distributed Operating Systems
2012.09 Efficient Detection of Malicious Web Pages Using High-Interaction Client Honeypots
2012.07 Logarithmic Divide-and-Conquer Visitation Algorithm for High-Interaction Client Honeypots
2012.03 AAGC: An efficient associativity-aware garbage collection scheme for hybrid FTLs
2011.05 Low-Power Algorithm for EDZL Scheduling on Multicore Processors
2010.10 Power-Aware EDZL Scheduling upon Identical Multiprocessor Platforms
2010.09 Improving responsiveness of soft aperiodic tasks using proportional slack time

bullet  주요저서

2013 Operating System Concepts
2014 운영체제
2015 운영체제 - 내부구조 및 설계원리 8판