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고명철 교수
) 과학기술대학 ICT융합공학부 컴퓨터공학과
상허연구동 106호
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연세대학교  공학박사

bullet  상세경력

건국대학교 정보전산원장 (2016~현재)
건국대학교 위촉입학사정관 (2015~현재)
건국대학교 인재교육센터장 (2015~2016)
건국대학교 글로컬캠퍼스 대학구조개혁대책위원회 위원 (2014~현재)
충주시 정보화위원회 위원 (2014~현재)
건국대학교 글로컬캠퍼스 컴퓨터공학과 교수 임용 (2013~현재)
CNSI2012 국제학회 프로그램 준비위원 (2012)
건국대학교 글로컬캠퍼스 컴퓨터공학과 주임교수 (2011)
피츠버그대학교(미국) 교환교수 (2009)
교육인적자원부 지방대학혁신역량강화사업 소프트웨어사업단 사업단장 (2008)
건국대학교 글로컬캠퍼스 컴퓨터공학과 부교수 임용 (2008)
한국멀티미디어학회 이사 (2006)
건국대학교 글로컬캠퍼스 컴퓨터응용과학부 조교수 임용 (2004)

bullet  주요논문

Bitmap-based Prefix Caching for Fast IP Lookup (2014)
A Novel Update Scheme for High Performance IP Lookup Engine Using Lazy Update (2013)
Development of the intelligent responsive home space based on USN environment (2013)
R-Map: A hybrid map for mobile robot in ubiquitous computing environment (2013)
A parallel IP lookup engine with two-stage pipeline (2013)
A Practical Robot Coverage Algorithm for Unknown Environments (2013)
A Study on the Effective Lecture System based on Interactive Exchange of Messages and Annotation (2012)
A Term Cluster Query Expansion Model based on Classification Information in Natural Language Information Retrieval (2010)
A Hybrid IP Forwarding Engine with High Performance and Low Power (2009)
Surface Approximation based on Two types of Geometric Features (2008)
Development of the Interactive Conference System in Ubiquitous Computing Environment (2008)
Interactive Lecture System Supporting Brainstorming Conference in Ubiquitous Computing Environment (2007)
A Resolving of Word Sense Ambiguity using Two-level Document Ranking Method in Information Retrieval (2007)
Effective Static Task Scheduling for Realistic Heterogeneous Environment (2005)
CPOC: Effective Static Task Scheduling for Grid Computing (2005)
XML 문서에서 어노테이션의 위치재생성 기법 (2005)
CONDOCS: A Concept-based Document Categorization System using Concept-probability Vector with Thesaurus (2005)
The Roles of Ontology and Metadata Registry for Interoperable Databases (2004)
An Efficient Algorithm for Clustering XML Schemas (2004)
Analyzing Web Interfaces of Databases for Retrieving Web Information (2004)
Error Metric for Perceptual Features Preservation in Polygonal Surface Simplification (2004)
Ontology Based Integration of Web Databases by Utilizing Web Interfaces (2004)
Annotation Repositioning Methods in the XML Documents: Context-Based Approach (2004)

bullet  주요저서

산학연계 졸업작품 개발 방법론, 홍릉과학출판사 (2006) 윈도우 프로그래밍, 홍릉과학출판사 (2006)