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Dormitory (Mosirae/Haeoreum)

Mosirae Dormitory

  The Mosirae Dormitory is a total of 4 buildings divided into men’s and women’s dorms. It consists of 32 rooms with a 3-person capacity and 350 rooms with a 4-person capacity. Each floor consists of communal toilets and showers. A self-governing committee ensures that students of this dormitory learn the rules of community life to guarantee happiness and satisfaction among the occupants. Mosirae Dormitory enhances the satisfaction and academic achievement of dormitory life by being equipped with reading rooms in each building, a fitness center, table tennis and badminton equipment rental availability, and a cafeteria which offers a special menu once a week. 

  In addition, facilities supporting academic and hobby activities, after-school, and weekend programs are available. Through traditional festivals and sports activities, we are doing our part as a foundation of university life to promote mutual friendship and harmony and to foster the virtues of moderation and consideration.

Mosirae Buildings

Haeoreum Dormitory

  Haeoreum Dormitory, divided into one men’s and one women’s building, is designed as a twin building from the first floor to the ninth floor with 88 rooms (3 beds per room) and 260 double rooms, which can accommodate 784 people.

  To enhance students' academic performance and convenience, each room is equipped with a toilet, closet, bed, desk, internet/telephone, and heating/cooling systems. Water purifiers are installed on each floor. The basement and the first floor are equipped with a variety of convenient facilities including student restaurants, snack bars, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, and a commercial laundry room.

 Also, in conjunction with Mosirae Domitory, after-school and weekend programs are provided to support different types of certifications so that students can spend meaningful leisure time. Outside the dormitory building, there is a path, boasting beautiful scenery adorned with cherry blossoms and forsythia flowers in spring and colored leaves in autumn, that leads to the university.

Haeoreum Buildings