Sport and Health Studies

College of Art & Design

The Sport Health studies major is a field that specializes in the areas of sports and health management with exercise for all people’s the health and welfare out of the traditional elite sports.

In this regard, the Sport Health studies major aims to cultivate creative sports and health exercise management professionals who are required to realize the sports welfare of the advanced welfare society. In addition, the establishment of the education graduate school has offered for a regular teacher qualification, and is producing a physical education teacher. Also, the general graduate schools contribute to the study of physical education through the establishment of master's and doctoral programs.

In particular, the second-class sport for all leaders training institute was designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2015, and it plays a role as a training institution for sports field experts. The Sport and Health studies major organizes theory and practical subjects for specialized acquisition of sports and health management areas and operates them so that they can support their practical skills.

Administration Office

  • Location : KU Gymnasium Building Room  No. 103
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