Department of Nursing

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The Department of Nursing at Konkuk University was founded in 1996 on the virtues of sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness. Since its establishment, the department has strived to contribute to the health of the nation, society, and humanity through the cultivation of competitive professionals prepared to provide nursing care grounded on respect for human life and dignity, comprehensive theories and practical knowledge acquired through lecture studies and clinical education, and capacity for leadership. 

General education courses and theory classes are offered at the College of Biomedical and Health Sciences at GLOCAL campus. For clinical practice education, a variety of quality healthcare and research institutions are available, ranging from university hospitals (Konkuk University Medical Center, Samsung Medical Center) to local community health centers, schools, and mental health centers, to ensure that students acquire a broad range of experience in various fields of the profession. 

We obtained a 5-year certification from Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education Certification in 2018. Our graduates go on to start careers at acclaimed healthcare institutions, both domestic and international, where their dedication and competence are widely recognized. 

Guided by the vision of becoming a global leader in establishing a knowledgeable community, the Department of Nursing aims to continue producing competitive and global-minded nursing professionals who are prepared to make a difference in the world and contribute to humanity’s health goals. To this end, we ask you, the students, parents, alumni, and all visitors, for your continued interest and support. Thank you.

Administration Office

  • Location : College of Biomedical and Health Science Building Room No. 312
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