Department of Food Science

College of Art & Design

Food Science is an applied science field that educates students in the scientific knowledge of the human diet, as well as aiming to improve human health and further improve the quality of life by cultivating expertise related to food science, nutrition, dietary services, and livestock. 

The professors of the major in Food Science are dedicated to the education of undergraduate, graduate and nontraditional students in the field of Food Science and are committed to studying biological functions of food components, foods for health and wellness, and animal husbandry. They conduct research on nutrient metabolism and gene expression, the role of nutrition in the prevention and management of diseases, menu development, food and restaurant management.

They train professionals to be prepared with practical and scientific knowledge and hands-on work to support the social needs for proper diet, as well as providing intensive education for acquiring certificates, customized education for industrial needs, and close education for internationalization as well as knowledge related to food.

Administration Office

  • Location : College of Biomedical and Health Science Building Room No. 305
  • TEL : 82-43-840-3924 / FAX : 82-43-851-