Department of Biotechnology

College of Art & Design

This major began in 1989 as a molecular biology major and was renamed in 1999, with applied studies added by the flow and academic needs of the 21st century. Accordingly, the curriculum was organized into five areas: basic science, medical science, complex science, laboratory practice, and applied life science which, by doing so, seeks to foster a "multi-functional core technical professional workforce" that combines converged theory and practical ability, creative application, and development capability for the specific part of biotechnology. Therefore, comprehensive job trade volume such as biotechnology material development, technology development, business development, industrial management, analysis/education service, etc. can be refined.

Administration Office

  • Location : College of Biomedical and Health Science Building Room No. 305
  • TEL : 82-43-840-3923 / FAX : 82-43-851-