Department of Medicinal Biosciences

College of Art & Design

The Department of Medicinal Biosciences aims to foster bio-medicine experts with specialized knowledge and skills customized to biochemistry-based bio-medicine technology development. The department aims to lead the bio-medicine-related fields by strengthening systematic theoretical education, experimental education, on-site practical education, and R&D education so that undergraduates can become key human resources in the rapidly changing bio-industry. 

The department operates the integrated curriculum in bio-medicine development, quality control, product development planning, and marketing, which are major areas of advancement for bio-medicine majors, according to grade level, making it possible to foster creative and unique talent in the bio-healthcare industry.

Administration Office

  • Location : College of Biomedical and Health Science Building Room No. 305
  • TEL : 82-43-840-3923 / FAX : 82-43-851-