Department of Energy and Material

College of Art & Design

The Department of Energy and Materials is a place where the basic knowledge and exploration methods of chemistry are acquired through theory and experimental training, the properties and synthesis of various new energy materials related to industrial development are learned, and creative and practical materials are cultivated based on natural scientific knowledge of materials. We also want to help students get knowledgeable in new materials and chemistry with the necessary personality and global capabilities and contribute to the nation, society, and humanity.

Based on general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry/electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry/material chemistry, and energy chemistry, this major covers applications such as production of hydrogen-using solar energy, materials for solar cells, fuel cells, and lithium secondary battery materials. We also strengthen the experiment in each application field on the basis of the chemistry learned through lectures and develop it into a person with strong basic skills and a talent in the field of energy material science in advance of going into the real world and graduate school.

Administration Office

  • Location : College of Science & Technology Building Room No. 210
  • TEL : 82-43-840-3514 / FAX : 82-43-851-