Department of Green Environmental Systems

College of Art & Design

The Department of Green Environmental Systems is specialized in eco-friendly landscaping and forestry, ecology, green weather, and green energy in order to implement low energy fusion green environment technology in the era of climate change. In order to foster green environmental experts from a climate and ecological energy perspective, we are educating them to become “eco-friendly science designers” and “street-smart personnel (people who find answers in the field) instead of book smart personnel”. Based on the “CCR Thinking Person” (Cubic Thinking, Life Cycle Thinking, and Resilience Thinking), we aim to cultivate Cubic-Type Resilience Green-Environment personnel who will lead future resources. For this purpose, education, research, and practical work are interconnected through specialization curricula, revitalization of laboratories for education and research, and participation of students in a thesis. In particular, we publish the research and project results of students’ participation in various subjects every year in order to practice true education centered on participation and not just theory. 

Administration Office

  • Location : College of Science & Technology Building Room No. 211
  • TEL : 82-43-840-3512 / FAX : 82-43-851-