Media Contents

College of Art & Design

Considering that we are living in the media environment rapidly changing into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Department of Media Contents aims to foster professional future leaders of the media contents industry who are innovative, creative, and proficient in convergence and integration, by gaining knowledge of the common principles of digital content and experiencing a close hands-on experience in the field.

  In today’s world, media contents and all digital contents share authoring tools and production processes as common denominators. The Media Contents curriculum is based creating original content and is organized into practical courses and consists of: ①basic major courses, national policies, international industrial trends, etc. ②media contents such as web/mobile video, broadcast video, and movies ③new content based on new technologies such as VR/AR and next-generation contents such as Multi Channel Network (MCN) ④webtoons/talks, etc., which are essential in the era of One Source Multi-Use (OSMU). 

Administration Office

  • Location : International Studies Building Room No. 101
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